IF (Improbable Frameworks)

PAV (Parco Arte Vivente) Turin, Teatrum Botanicum / Emerging Talents, 2016

During the festival Teatrum Botanicum, which was held at the PAV (Living Art Park), I created a circular scale model: an island floating in space, inserted in an environment which is already in itself a work of art: Trefle by Dominique Gonzales Foerster

IF (Improbable Frameworks) was a bio artwork, a kinetic sculpture and a video installation that presented a series of floating worlds. Supported by wires, the dioramas gave the illusion of weightlessness. The park’s plant environment made the supporting structure invisible. This work evolved through various artistic experimentations which lasted for the whole event.

The installation was alive not only through the variety of plants that were on the diorama’s surface, but also through the changes that occurred during the hours of day and night.

At sunset, several screens (tablets) were positioned on these floating islands, and broadcasted sequences of fragmented images, like memories of a world that no longer exists: some old cartoons, some newsreels, war scenes, explosions, cataclysms, erupting volcanoes, tsunami waves. This was to suggest the end of every other world outside of the one represented.

A few days after the beginning also a hanging mobile was added to the installation. It was about 3 meters above the ground, with an electric motor which turned a set of planets around a flicker in light, like a planetary system with a central pulsar.