Artist Statement

My work has been mainly concerned with deformation of material world: images transfigure, break and explode, become evanescent like ghosts. Concepts undergo the same process of transformation. I display my desire of a different reality in order to deny or destroy what I see around me.
I showed this through my desire to play with serious things such as religion or death with jokes, debunking, destruction or, sometimes, sublimation.

I create models of deformed buildings, and events that come to life and contextually are documented through photography. In this representation, I like to introduce sculptures or paper planes or trees made of plastic. Sometimes, I employ elements taken from nature, such as flowers which end up appearing gigantic. These fragments are actors in these scenes, the shadow of a distorted reality. A city of dreams, a world that tries invain to reach an equilibrium: so fragile that the raids of small plane paper deform the architecture in a slow destruction that occurs not because of weapons or cataclysms but through lightness and play.